Executive Director


Lupe Morin

[email protected]


 Lupe has focused her career in public service for 35 years in local and state governmental entities.  She has served in executive and managerial positions for over 25 years in social service departments serving the needs of homeless, medical and housing needs of families with low incomes.  Lupe’s areas of expertise has been in leadership development, community empowerment, consensus building, administration and fund development. Her accomplishments include serving as a charter member of programs and organizations, serving in leadership roles in purchasing properties for health and human services, implementing diversity programs, spearheading programs for the homeless and day labor sites and leading the efforts to implement cultural celebrations in the workplace.   Lupe has served as a volunteer in many service organizations in leadership positions and providing direct services in the community.  Currently serving as a mentor, advisor, consultant and provides training and presentations to groups and other community entities.

HWNT Headquarters

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